A Decade of Glamour

POEM’s 10th Years Anniversary

“The story behind this special collection is POEM’s ten years in the fashion scene. When I look back then years ago, POEM started because I wanted to show everyone what I believed in. I believe in the aesthetics of proportion and craftsmanship – the two most important things, according to my mother, if I ever wanted to succeed in the fashion world. POEM women for me are those who live by perfection, those who are truly aware of their own unique lifestyle and only choose the best for themselves.”
– Sean Chavanon Caisiri

“A Decade of Glamour” takes the inspiration from the 1950s, where the era’s iconic feminine silhouette has become one of the most recognizable and the signature style of Dita Von Teese, burlesque performer who is also a designer and a writer with female empowering attitude. “I love Dita because she embraces her individualism and uses it to empower herself and her style to become something very unique and one of a kind,” said Chavanon. Dita is POEM’s sensual muse whose iconic looks hang between dangerously gorgeous “femme fatale” and a raunchy “glamour girl.” Such combination is reflected for the first time in POEM’s 10th Anniversary Collection.

This collection features redefined haute couture sartorial techniques, adapted to accommodate daily wear for POEM women to look great in every occasions. The perfect beauty is resolved to ladylike silhouette that embrace feminine bodies with corset lining on the inside of the dress using structural materials to create illusion of hourglass body, yielding sensual, sophisticated lines on neat looking outfit.