Radical Reform


“The dress is a speaker and a time machine. It speaks, not only of its personality but also its time.”

POEM freshens up the year with the latest Autumn Winter 2021 Collection, introducing a brand new take on the designing philosophy and embarking on a spectacular fashion journey under the current New-Normal situation.

Discover how POEM turns generic designs into something extraordinary.

“The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic really changed many of our lifestyles into something entirely different. It also changed people’s perception towards fashion in our society, as we’re not too much concerned about dressing up anymore. We are moving towards something simpler, but more functional,” Phuwadol Treetanya, the house’s creative designer explains the current concern among modern designers.

Such changes also raise a very important question for POEM for the current season. How could basic pieces such as shirt, skirt, shorts, or jacket be made into something extraordinary? With this question in mind, Phuwadol was determined to add styles into the designs while still endeavor to create the moment of value to the wearers. The answer lies within the house’s DNA; the iconic silhouette that emphasizes on shape, form, and function. When combining these aspects together with his vision for women in this New-Normal era, it brings this collection alive.

“I really like the idea that says the dress speaks for itself. To me, the dress speaks not only of its personality but also its time. It’s just like the time-machine.” Phuwadol added.

Each look is inspired by the reinterpretation of the New-Normal characters, reflecting the perspectives and the moments of the current time period. AW21 also focuses on the vision to create a wearable-comfort as can be seen from the tactful use of light-weighted synthetic fabrics. The collection showcases brand new designs with iconic features such as giant pockets (transformed from the perception of wearing glove), playing with the silhouette of proportion and scale.


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Created to become the greatest wardrobe for every woman, POEM’s AW21 strives to deliver the most perfect garments which never cease to beautify the wearer from the beginning until the end of the day. And when everything is resolved and the hardship fades, these garments shall remain to become the most valuable gift for all.