Celestial Sin


“The moon shines and gazes upon the earth, bathing a lady with limelight that illuminates her beauty, while also reflecting her shadow in a mysterious yet sensual silhouette. “


Tales of the Luminaries are retold once again in POEM’s pre-fall 2020 “Celestial Sin.” This sequel collection was created with the intention to radiate the true beauty of ladies under the moonlight. POEM revisits light and dark ombre techniques as inspired by celestial phenomenon involving the moon such as Lunar Eclipse, Super Moon, and Blood Moon. The palettes representing natural elements and lunar phenomenon are back with the emphasis on black, white, pink, maroon, and wine.

Celestial Sin reinterprets the connection between the lady and the moon. The focus, this time around, is on how the charm of a lady can be boasted to the fullest through the luminaries concepts. The key lies within animation, movements, and motions of the wearer. As a result, this collection spotlights airy and flexible fabrics such as spandex, polyester, and power-mesh; all tailored to create garments that provide not only the look but also relaxation when wearing. Highlights of the collection are bustier bodysuits, tulle skirts, and sheath dress, carefully designed to allow every POEM ladies to freely express their elegance in motion.


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