Rhythmic Resonance


“If music is the joy of life, POEM’s design is the celebration of such joyous moments. As the orchestra hits the first note, the first pencil stroke touches the design sheet in the house’s atelier, rendering the ideas behind our newest summer collection.”


RHYTHMIC RESONANCE is the harmonious blend of color techniques, movements of structures, and forms. The designs pay tribute to women’s diverse body types, while reinterpreting the house’s signature techniques.

Hourglass Second Line creates an illusion of a smaller waistline and give women sensual hourglass body. Intertwined stitching creates spiral silhouette circling around the Bodice. This new technique greatly complements the round skirt and dress design for women, enabling them to move with grace and confidence. Tessitura print, as inspired by the range and the arrangement of musical pitches; the staff on musical notations, depicts the brand’s inspiration from the interplay between musical rhythm and the movement of designs.

 Phuwadol, the house’s new designer, wishes to boost the confidence and celebrate powerful, glamorous selves with Foreground & Background approach, incorporating puffed up skirts and color-block scheme to allude to the summer – Pale Pink & Red Maroon, Navy Peony & Dusk Blue and Smoky Grey & Yellow Iris.

These techniques and approaches will be presented in POEM’s new items that include dresses of different lengths, trousers and wide-leg trousers with front buttoned splits, new style of day-wear with cropped top and dress all in one as well as long cape and jacket to instill professional look.


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