Metamorphosis of Narcissus


Welcoming the new emblem of body image perspectives, POEM introduces to you the latest Spring Summer 2023 collection “Metamorphoses of Narcissus”, transcending fashions and eras with the spectacle vision behind its spiel.

Aspiring to create complete and harmonious looks for each and individual as his masterwork, Chavanon Caisiri, POEM’s Creative Director found inspiration from the holistic body type theories based on physical characteristics and personality essences.

During my sixteen years journey as a designer, I have come across a great deal of individuals who do not fit into the traditional body shape theory and that was when I’d realized there’re more to it when it comes to styling. Creating true balance by embracing one’s natural beauty is the key.” Said Chavanon.

It is imperative for us as a Thai designer brand as well as a global brand to emphasize more on creating garments for every diverse individual in the society while it has been set as our passion and goal for quite some time.”

Being well known for its forte in portraying sculpted silhouette with snug waist, it is unsurprising for people to be presumptuous of the image of POEM’s body type in which is another crucial essence Chavanon wanted to convey through this collection.

As a matter of fact, “Metamorphoses of Narcissus” is intended as an echo of the ancient myth of Narcissus to our modern world. Famed for his excessive self-obsession, the Greek god Narcissus was lured by his own reflection while modern-day people are lured by the social media, longing to be like the trendsetters, comparing, and self-deprecating.

Our motifs are not designed for any particular body type, but all. Hence, it is fundamental to select clothing that gives you a balance and harmonious looks, complementing your body and be bodily positive.” Added Chavanon.

The Intricate use of lace was courteously integrated throughout the collection in various designs, accentuating the sheer beauty of such delicate fabric. The house’s classic color schemes such as perfect white, deep red, blush pink and black are skillfully maintained with a whisper of blazing bright touch.

As the precise perspective lines are transposed from finely draped jersey skirts, magnifying the lines of the hips to daring slashed bodice details, each masterpiece shows an opulent expression and androgynous grace. The collection arrays just the right combination of classic and audacity, heart-made to compliment bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Narrated by a true poet, “Metamorphoses of Narcissus” undeniably makes its mark as the avant-garde poetry of the modern age and the house itself.

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