“We’re seeing a lot of marriage and large ceremonies that have either been postponed or cancelled during this time while the surviving ones are mostly scaled-downed into just a family event, covering only morning and luncheon ceremony. With smaller amount of guests, less complexity, and less procedures, the wedding culture is changing into something austere but more genuine. People are now getting married because they really want to. They are holding more on to the true value of the ceremony rather than concerning about boasting their wealth to the public. As a result to this fading materialism, many brides are now interested in less complex designs for wedding gowns. This brings about the introduction of the third chapter of my Timeless Collection.” – Chavanon Caisiri, POEM’s creative director.

The story of this collection was inspired by the founding of POEM in year 2006, back when the house’s dresses were designed originally for the bridesmaid. The idea, at that time, was simply to create garments which would allow non-bridal ladies to boost their confidence when attending any wedding, being able to exude their charms while stealing the spotlight from the bride; hence the name “Bride-Killer.” However, as the ceremony is now simplified and bound under ‘new normal’ conditions, many have started picking up these bridesmaid designs and adapt into their own wedding dress. Such changes in value motivated the house to create something special for both the bride and the bridesmaid; a new bridal collection that would influence cultural impact and create new interpretation for weddings. Timeless Chapter 4: Bride Killer beautifies the bride in an effortless luxury and simple elegance while never fails to increase the confidence for any non-bridal wearer.

Instead of highlighting on the flamboyance and the outstanding details of the gown as usual, Bride Killer series emphasizes more on form and function, taking on a much suitable and humble approach in response to the minimalized wedding ceremony. And although differs in scale, the garments from this collection does not cease to express understated charms of the wearer. Timeless Chapter 4 also plays with the concept of two-pieces dress, which the tops and the bottoms can be freely matched regardless of seasons or collections that they are from. Chavanon explained that the idea is to create the “time machine”, that allows the brides or the bridesmaids to, for example, match the top from the older collections with the new skirt from the latest collections, creating their own styles from these timeless pieces. Bride Killer also sees the reintroduction of pink, grey and white palettes which are the house’s classic color schemes.

Another main highlight is the technique referred to as “Dematerialization.” POEM has been tactfully applying many architectural concepts into the art of dress-making. One of which is the technique where the Lace are overlapped in layers, creating visual illusion that lessens the opacity of the object, making them to appear to the eyes as if each component element is built up from smaller pieces of fabric, just like the creation of mosaic in the architecture. Such resonance of techniques constructs the dress with the photogenic texture, while still allowing the house’s signature feminine silhouette to be tailored into the garments, revealing the aesthetics of proportion and craftsmanship.

Timeless Chapter IV: Bride Killer sets a new practice for wedding dresses as well as steers the Thai Designer Brands into a new direction, especially under the current “new normal” circumstance. This collection is the beacon of fashion for modern ladies, who partake in the scaled-downed marriage but still does not let go of the opportunity to adorn themselves in elegance and beauty. Be it the bride or the bridesmaid, POEM’s new wedding dresses shall guide them into the brightest light of the ceremony. For everyone needs the best outfit for their biggest day.


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