POEM’s Daily Glam is retold once again in POEM’s Timeless Collection Chapter 8. This final chapter was crafted to compliment modern ladies with youthful, energetic, yet stylish garments. “We might have seen POEM wears in all the special occasions such as weddings, proms, or even tea ceremonies. Elegance and luxurious glamour are engraved into our DNA. So this time, we want to bring something new to the table, to break free from that norm by taking down the misinterpretation of POEM garments as inaccessible luxury,” said Sean Chavanon Caisiri, the house’s creative director.

The idea behind this collection brings about the resurrection of the 50s classic hourglass silhouette, reinterpreting the style and adapting it into something modern, agile, and full with youth vibes. With this concept in mind, Timeless’ final chapter steers the design process into a new direction.

“It’s not a complete street-fashion but we will see more of tube dresses, shorts, and pants. We aim to bring the creations that are exuberant and glamorous at the same time, but also practical and comfortable,” Chavanon added. Every piece was crafted not as a special garment preserved only for special occasions, but instead, as an every-day glam that could be worn daily. Highlights for fabrics are depicted through the perfect combination between cotton, and other light-weight synthetic fabrics such as polyester, all tactfully colorized in popular palettes from the 50s paintings such as black and white.

Timeless Final chapter concludes the house’s journey over the past decade by giving the gifts to every POEM ladies around the world, encouraging them to freely express their high-spirit lifestyle without losing the elegant touch.


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