“Dressmaking Tradition, Modern Mastery” is what truly sums up the elegant, timeless yet strikingly modern style of POEM – a fashion house born from a lifelong fascination with the glamorous beauty of ladies in the 1950s, whose impeccable looks are crafted by their finest couturiers. POEM’s concept has been inspired by many stories of classic Hollywood glamour. The journey from the past to present without limitation of trends to dictate relevance, dedication to design concept and deep understanding of fashion makes POEM “the Secret World of Glamour” that delivers elegant luxe and unparalleled fashion experience to every woman upon entry.

Timeless and highly feminine elegance, as expressed through the romance of sculptural structure and feminine curves, has become the key inspiration for Chavanon Caisiri, the founder and designer of POEM. Throughout his childhood, Chavanon grew up under the influence of his mother’s dress-making boutique, in which various glamorous ladies regularly visited to have their newest dresses custom-made especially for them.

        When influence turned into passion, he combines this childhood’s fascination in the art of atelier and dress-making with his idea to “rationalize the perspective of beauty.” Empowered by his architectural background and his understandings of different female body shapes, Chavanon polishes his visions for the brand and expresses them through the structural precision of forms, patterns, and lines. The outcome is manifested through POEM’s striking silhouettes that enhance the elegance of the POEM ladies, radiating supreme beauty and confidence in any of POEM’s creations they wear.

Poem corset

Couture is not the only finest caliber of POEM’s atelier. The brand also reinterprets the revered French dress-making tradition, integrating them with modern lifestyles and production system in order to offer outstanding ready-to-wear lines that truly express the concept of “Modern Glamour.” POEM’s signature hourglass shape is achieved by calculating the structure of patterns and the delicate use of selected materials to recreate the classic silhouette that best compliments the smaller body structure of Asian women. This Modern Hourglass needs not heavy undergarment, but instead, focuses on manipulating the weight and grain of the fabrics to create a much more natural volume when being worn.